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Double Thyme Catering Queenstown

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Unwrap the Joy of Christmas with Double Thyme Catering.

Indulge in the warmth of tradition and flavour! This holiday season, elevate your festivities with our exquisite range of corporate Christmas gifts that are sure to spread joy and delight to your clients or team.

Place your orders and make this holiday season one to remember.


Double Thyme Corporate Christmas
Traditional Christmas Leg Ham

Traditional Christmas Ham 🍖

Our New Zealand Free Farmed Pork ham is a true embodiment of festive flavours.

Every ham comes un-cooked and complete with a delightful ham glaze, easy-to-follow cooking instructions, and a muslin cloth for that perfect finishing touch.

Weighing 4.5kg, this is a culinary masterpiece.


$159.00 (including GST).

Fresh New Zealand Beef Eye Fillet 'Savannah' 🥩

The epitome of tenderness and taste, our Fresh New Zealand Beef Eye Fillet 'Savannah' promises an exceptional dining experience.

1.5kg Trimmed + Rolled (ready to cook)

$135.00 (including GST).

Fresh New Zealand Beef Eye Fillet 'Savannah'
Whittaker's Dark Chocolate Brownie

Whittaker's Dark Chocolate Brownie 🍫

Indulge in pure decadence with our Whittaker's Dark Chocolate Brownie.


This moist and rich chocolate delight is a cut above the rest, making it the ultimate treat.


Pair it with your favourite vanilla bean ice cream and drench it in our luxurious warm Baileys chocolate sauce for an unforgettable dessert experience.

$48.00 (including GST).

Double Thyme Apricot Chutney 🍑

Add a touch of sweetness and tang to your holiday spread with our Double Thyme Apricot Chutney.

Elevate your cheese platters, roast
s, and more with this flavourful chutney.

Presented in a 280gm jar.

$14.90 (including GST).

Double Thyme Apricot Chutney
Double Thyme Baileys Chocolate Sauce

Double Thyme Baileys Chocolate Sauce 🍫

Delight in the lusciousness of our Double Thyme Baileys Chocolate Sauce.


Drizzle it over desserts, use it as a dip, or savor it straight from the spoon for a moment of sheer indulgence.

Housed in a charming 250ml milk bottle jar.

 $15.90 (including GST).

Double Thyme Xmas Truffles 🍬

Capture the spirit of the season with our Double Thyme Xmas Truffles.

These little bundles of joy are the perfect sweet treat to spread cheer.

Each pack contains 12 delectable truffles.

$14.00 (including GST).


Double Thyme Xmas Truffles
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Double Thyme Corporate Christmas

Delivery Dates for Queenstown & Wanaka

Mark your calendar for our convenient drop-off dates:

7th December 10am - 3pm

14th December 10am - 3pm

Get in touch today to reserve your delightful selection of corporate Christmas gifts. 

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